Women in the Workplace - Leadership Opportunities May 6, 2021, 3:00pm PDT May 6, 2021, 4:00pm PDT

According to the Forbes Coaching Council, professional women face 15 significant challenges when it comes to leading and making an impact in the professional world. Generating revenue, overcoming imposter syndrome, maintaining confidence, building alliances with decision makers, and standing in their success are just a few of the challenges women struggle to overcome. These issues prevent many women from achieving their professional goals and diminish their ability to get ahead in business and life. This directly affects not only the women personally, but the companies and teams for which they work. With the changes regarding women in the workforce and gender equality happening today, we understand that many companies don’t know how to navigate through the change and discord that’s sweeping the nation. It's not simply a matter of supporting your team of women, but the best practices and tools to engage, empower, and foster growth in them. We recognize that many of us just don’t know how bridge the gap!

Key Learning Objectives:

Learn the major challenges women face in the workforce. Understand how to identify and leverage the differences between men and women. Identify and develop strategies to empower and build confidence in your team of women. Discover programs that support your staff of women both inside and outside the workforce.

Presented by LAUREN SWEENEY, Speaker| Confidence Creator| Mindset Trainer.

Lauren is an activator and a creative thinker with a heart for public service. Disciplined, coachable, and goal-oriented, she is driven by challenges and has a passion for leadership development and collaboration. She has advanced coaching certifications from the Direct Sales World Alliance (DSWA) along with a Bachelor's of Science in Community and Regional Development from UC Davis. While there, Lauren also earned the Charles Hess Community Service Award for her efforts in the community. Lauren has served as an Ambassador for the Brea Chamber for several years and enjoys supporting businesses with marketing, and confidence/leadership development. Serving as a trainer of trainers for the California Association of Student Councils for many years, Lauren thrives on mentoring via asking questions, actively listening, and being a positive example of what she teaches.

Key Topics

Women in the Workplace - Leadership Opportunities