Time Management for the Professional: Achievement + Wellness, How to Have Both January 20, 2022, 9:00am PST January 20, 2022, 10:00am PST
Zoom Webinar
CA, 92707

You can't pour from an empty cup. A tired, burnt-out, overworked individual serves no one! You not only deprive yourself of inner peace and fulfillment but everyone else of receiving the best version of you, you can give.  This workshop will show you how to create your weekly time management calendar that works for you. You'll also learn how to say no and the importance of building a schedule that aligns with your values. What would it feel like to have a schedule that fit all important pieces of your life together? The time management workshop will give you valuable insight and tools that you can implement right away!

Presented by Ana Sanchez.

Ana Sanchez is an ICF certified Ontological Coach, and ex-Finance Executive with over a decade of experience at a global luxury brand. With past projects spanning from the USA, to the UK, Canada, Caribbean, Germany, and Russia, she understands and leverages transformation beyond language, culture, and social norms. 

As a Global Chartered Accountant, she recognizes the pressures of tight deadlines, ever-changing priorities, and moving targets for different stakeholders. Her desire for continuous growth and higher impact beyond the technical led Ana to delve into the world of emotional intelligence and soft skills, the true driver of human behavior. Through her conviction that everyone can become a leader, today she empowers individuals to become their best self. 

Ana is a passionate and inspirational individual. She loves bringing positivity and challenge, always caring to support whilst also pushing areas of growth and potential.

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