How to Protect Your Small Business from Cybersecurity Attacks July 12, 2022, 11:00am PDT July 12, 2022, 12:00pm PDT
Zoom Webinar
CA, 92707

The #1 threat to small businesses today is ransomware. It doesn’t discriminate and the criminals behind these actions are raising the stakes, while expanding their repertoire of tools and techniques. 

In this webinar, Michael will show you why ransomware must be on every business owner’s radar. He’ll walk you through the different aspects that you need to be aware of to stay vigilant. 

Some of what you will learn from this webinar include the following: 

·      The evolution of ransomware 

·      How and why ransomware has become a major threat in recent years 

·      Keys to prevention, detection, and response 

Presented by Michael Lerner.

Michael Lerner, MBA, is an IT Account Manager at TechStrata which is a successful managed IT services company with a big focus on cyber security and a local team of six. Michael is based in Southern California enjoying life with his wife and 2 boys and has a passion for helping small businesses get the IT support they need so they can focus on their core business.  

Key Topics