Creating Content for Social Media 2022: Photography, Video, Gifs and more… May 25, 2022, 10:00am PDT May 25, 2022, 11:00am PDT
Zoom Webinar
CA, 92707

Creating Content for Social Media: Photography, Video, Gifs and more…



Let’s jump in and create great looking content for social media.

From beautiful photos to your own videos, I’ll share my favorite apps that really make it easier than you think! 

Create a library of fresh content for your social media!

•      Canva for easy posts and graphics: I’ll walk you thru it step by step!

•      Photo editing: I’ll show you exactly how I retouch and optimize my photos for great looking images!

•      Video: We’ve got that covered too! Super easy ways to create video for your own business.

We’ll work together to create engaging, share-able posts with photos, graphics and video to get more engagement online.  

I’ll be sharing my most current tips, apps and ideas for online visual content, yep, still a How To Extravaganza, photo apps , Social Media tips and Video ideas!

Using apps and my helpful tips, your images and video can look polished and professional! Oh, yeah…I’ll show you filters for your images AND video! What we will cover:

•  Filters and Apps, how to use them to easily up your game…

•  See how to easily create great graphics and images

Roni Ramos from Harmony 3 Productions is the presenter of this workshop.

Roni is the founder and President of Harmony 3 Productions. A tight team of creators from photography to video and motion graphics. Harmony 3 is sweet…but with a bite…like Jalapeño lemonade!

Attendees rave about her presentations where she shares tips, tools, techniques and actionable steps to use graphics and video to polish your online marketing… Roni is a great cheerleader to get small business excited about using the new technologies available to market their business.