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Business Plans / Startup Assistance International Trade Operations Other Product Development & Manufacturing Strategy & Planning Technology
I will help you to get focused on what you need to do to start your business. This includes analyzing your current... Read More >
Accounting & Cash Flow Human Resources Operations
I recently retired from a corporate accounting career. I now have time to give back to the community. I am interesting... Read More >
Business Plans / Startup Assistance Financing / Capital Marketing, Public Relations & Sales Operations Product Development & Manufacturing Strategy & Planning
I understand software and digital tech start-up and small business needs. I have worked at small and start-up... Read More >
Business Plans / Startup Assistance Customer Relations International Trade Operations Product Development & Manufacturing Strategy & Planning
Briefly, I am a recently retired entrepreneur who is interested in offering mentorship to worthy individuals and small... Read More >
Business Plans / Startup Assistance Legal Issues Tax Planning
I would like to help individual in the community to establish their small business. I would also like to help this... Read More >
Customer Relations
After almost 34 years of working internationally, I am keen on sharing my experiences and building new relationships. I... Read More >
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